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Examples of entrenchment in a Sentence. Prince Andrew and the officer rode up, looked at the entrenchment, and went on again. 1.Water is homogenous substance. 0. . For a set of worldsV M , we denote byt(V ) the set of sentences satised by all worlds inV ; i.e.,t(V ) = f 2 L : r j= , for Karnei Shomron-- kahr- NAY 'shahm-ROHN'. Keep reading for several double entendre examples from literature, movies and everyday conversation. ; They then hastily threw up a rude intrenchment of logs, extending quite across the crest in its broadest part. Throughout the day a desultory duel was maintained between the entrenchments and the steamer. Define retrenchment. Analysis using mixed effects models revealed . antonyms. Entrenchment is an English word that is used in many sentences in different contexts. You can use this amazing English to Urdu . I don't want to gratuitously hurt someone's feelings. 37. third point, iraq's record on chemical weapons is Replete with lies. 7. absence or lack of reason; Irrationality. 2. for conservatism via entrenchment, which proposes that people prefer to use verbs in ways they have heard before, with the strength of dispreference for novel uses increasing with overall verb frequency. 34. this immense space may be Replete with happiness and glory. Retrenchment as a noun means A retrenching; esp., a reduction of expenses.. Entrench in a Sentence Definition of Entrench to establish an attitude, habit, or belief so strongly that it is not likely to change Examples of Entrench in a sentence Frustrated, the painter had moved on and prepared to entrench herself in another project. Interjections are used to connect parts of a sentence. The army captain, steadfast in his belief that the enemy would retreat, urged his troop to entrench themselves in the location. Significantly the entrenchment was also a few hundred yards from the stacked supplies. Sentence Examples Examples from Classical Literature The entrenched Turks were strong enough to withstand the attack of the Bulgarian forces. To complete the task, please score each sentence from 1 to 5 according to the following criteria: 1 = totally unacceptable, 2 = very poor English . In this video, I have given some e. Examples of Entrench in a sentence. Unfortunately, despite the steps taken to de-confound the preemption and entrenchment predictors, they remained very highly correlated for analyses of figure-locative sentences ( r = 0.81), ground . All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). 2. uncountable noun Entrenchment means the firm establishment of a system or your own position in a situation. The Germans were entrenched in the gardens and walled enclosures of the village. A suffix is a letter or a group of letters added to the end of a word to alter its meaning or to ensure it fits grammatically into a sentence. How to use entrench in a sentence. EntrenchingTrowel Tool with Steel Rugged Edge Blade See more. Information and translations of entrenchment in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. 8. 2 examples of entrenchment in a sentence- how to use it in a sentence. Find 178 ways to say ENTRENCHMENT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Entrenchment Sentence Examples. 0. In this video, I have talked how to use the spoken structure 'dare to'. It would be something like "the aesthetic quality of" or "this has aesthetic appeal". A sentence will infer (in a nonmonotonic way) another sentence if together with a sentence , that is not less entrenched than , Both main and interactive AoA effects on plasticity have been attributed to neurological maturation, to neurochemical and hormonal fluctuations, to decrements of cognitive function over time, to decreases in regional brain volume, to the degree of first- language (L1) entrenchment at the initial state of L2 acquisition, and to the relative use . adjective. Use of the word "aesthetic". Trench warfare is a type of land warfare using occupied lines largely comprising military trenches, in which troops are well-protected from the enemy's small arms fire and are substantially sheltered from artillery.Trench warfare became archetypically associated with World War I (1914-1918), when the Race to the Sea rapidly expanded trench use on the Western Front starting in September 1914. Synonyms for encroachment: trespass, invasion, obtrusion, infringement, inroad, entrenchment, impingement, intrusion, impact, violation, usurpation.

7/3/2022 6:39:18 PM| 14 Answers. Here are some examples. A clause creates a complete thought (an idea or a statement that can stand alone). A complete thought is also called a main clause or independent clause (IC). Satire is an entertaining form of social . Will you continue to entrench yourself in work or enjoy your weekend off? It was then thought that, if the sepoys mutinied, they would march off to Delhi, and Wheeler contented himself by throwing up a rude entrenchment round the hospital barracks, where he thought that the Europeans would be . Examples of entrenchment in a Sentence. Both suffixes and prefixes are affixes. If, for example, your family is from Korea, you might identify as Korean or . synonyms. He meant supremely to be safe, and to that end he had entrenched himself on every side. 1Of a military position or force: securely defended by a trench or trenches; well dug-in; (more generally) well-defended against attack. Congressmen who wish to impeach vote yes, the rest nay. Just behind it they came upon some dozens of soldiers, continually replaced by others, who ran from the entrenchment. Within the entrenchment stood ten guns that were being fired through openings in the earthwork. Extract from : Rodney, the Ranger by John V. Lane; Albinik and Mero were first taken to one of the gates of the entrenchment. An Entrenchingtool (U.K.), intrenching tool (U.S.A.), E-tool, or trenching tool is a digging tool used by military forces for a variety of military purposes Entrenching 13. The entrenchment and preemption hypotheses predict, for all languages, that by-verb differences in acceptability ratings will be predicted by, respectively, the verb's relative overall frequency, and frequency in nearly-synonymous constructions (e.g., X made Y laugh for *Someone laughed the man). 1.. IntroductionThe no-negative-evidence problem has long been recognized as a central issue in language acquisition research (Bowerman, 1988).In order to produce novel utterances, children must use particular lexical items (such as nouns and verbs) in sentence structures in which these items have not appeared in the input data. I keep seeing people say "that's aesthetic" or "this is so aesthetic". How to use entrenchment in a sentence You end up with a much longer-term impact of entrenchment of these inequalities that have arisen as part of the pandemic. : I am concerned that, to put it plainly, this might be an excuse to entrench the division of Europe into a poor new Union and an old rich one. Suffixes contrast with prefixes, which are added to the front. entrenchment definition: 1. the process by which ideas become fixed and cannot be changed: 2. the process by which ideas. sentences. Now it seems people are using it as a . Prepositions express a state of being. 2. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "SERANGAN MILITER PEMBALASAN TERHADAP IRAN" - indonesian-english translations and search engine for indonesian translations. The term "entrenchment ratio," which is the vertical containment of the river, has been quantitatively defined (Rosgen 1994) to provide a consistent method for field determination. I mean nay on the vanity; yay on the . . . Entrenchment. Education in township schools has come to be considered inferior, thereby entrenching exclusion. 1. But gratuitously stoking anti-Israeli sentiment is irresponsible and dangerous ." a n v d [noun] 2. Which of the following is true? I remember using the word in my philosophy class at school and it was never used in this way. The usage-based theory highlights the important role of linguistic input in language acquisition, and assumes that syntactic representations could be entrenched through usage or exposure. thesaurus "There is no entrenchment as far as ideology is concerned" Rod Paige "Another one is the entrenchment of mediation in the legislation" Ad-free experience & advanced Chrome extension. People often think of ethnicities as the cultures that people identify with and where their heritage comes from. 0. Dictionary Thesaurus Sentences Examples Knowledge . 9. the Irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it. We used a multi-method approach to investigate how children avoid (or retreat from) argument structure overgeneralisation errors (e.g., * You giggled me).Experiment 1 investigated how semantic and statistical constraints (preemption and entrenchment) influence children's and adults' judgments of the grammatical acceptability of 120 verbs in transitive and intransitive sentences. Will you continue to entrench yourself in work or enjoy your weekend off? What is the meaning of well entrenched? Sequential entrenchment The sequential relations within the unit are entrenched or automatized with respect to one another. more_vert. User: The water was calm until the . definitions. 33. it is something that you find Replete in the work circuit as well.

(Page 2 of 2) Learn more. An access or storage unit may have internal structure (Beckner and Bybee 2009). English- This was an inlay of highly-polished rare marbles, agates, hard pebbles, lapis lazuli, and other stones; ivory was also carved and applied as a bas relief, as well as inlaid in arabesques of the most elaborate designs; tortoiseshell, brass, mother of pearl, and other enrichment s were introduced in the decoration of cabinets and of caskets; silver plaques embossed and engraved were pressed . "VACCINE PASSPORTS COULD FURTHER ERODE TRUST" LINDSAY MUSCATODECEMBER 22, 2020 MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW /ntrentt/ Entrenched ideas are so fixed or have existed for so long that they . 0. What does entrenchment mean?

In its simplest form, a clause in grammar is a subject plus a verb. That means, as Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently noted, that a military strike will likely entrench Iranian tyranny. Public figures, such as politicians, are often the subject of satire, but satirists can take aim at other targets as wellfrom societal conventions to government policies. This paper investigates whether verb frequency is actually always relevant in judging the acceptability Here, we use more appropriate measures of preemption and entrenchment (attraction measures based on the chi-square statistic, as opposed to using only the frequency of occurrence in favoured . Entrenchment meaning in Urdu is a - Morcha bandi. English Sentences | Daily Use English Sentence | Spoken English in Hindiis video me mai roj bole jane wale short and smart English sentence bataye jise aap a. 0. We shall use entrenchment for excluding sentences. The 700 large windows were glazed gratuitously by a firm. Extract from : The Red Hand of Ulster by George A. Birmingham; The latter built an entrenchment at their end of the bridge. when soldiers would find a suitable location where they could use a natural occurring barrier to protect their rear area, they would dig a long trench, deep enough to walk or run through and dug in. Copy. - It is 0. Translation. open_in_new Link to source; warning Request revision; However, the attack failed before a murderous fire from the entrenchments. to place within or surround with a trench especially for defense; to place (oneself) in a strong defensive position; to establish solidly See the full definition TRUE/FALSE. This structure is very easy to make new sentences. Manuscript Generator Sentences Filter.

Information and translations of entrenchment in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. Entrenchment word is driven by the English language. Benjamin Netanyahu: First of all, Iran must clear out of all of Syria, secondly, we will take action, . Round the mountain he organized a system of entrenchments and of infection against their enemies. The attorney, Morris Engelberg, is the Say Nay Kid. 2.Element is always . Entrench definition, to place in a position of strength; establish firmly or solidly: safely entrenched behind undeniable facts. Learn more. For a set of sentences of L, [] denotes the set of all possible worlds that satisfy; i.e., [] = fr 2 M : r j= g. We often use the notation[ ] for a sentence 2 L , as an abbreviation of[f g]. Question 3 options: A word can be a different part of speech, depending on how it's used. Entrench definition, to place in a position of strength; establish firmly or solidly: safely entrenched behind undeniable facts.

Best Answer. "the actual first shoes may have been created out of necessity. Besides being used for digging defensive fighting positions, entrenching tools were used for digging latrines and graves. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "bombard "Very slowly through the succeeding year the seeds within the woody capsules mature until, by the following autumn, when fresh flowers appear, they are ready to bombard the neighborhood after the violets' method, in the hope of landing in moist yielding soil far from the parent shrub to found a new colony. Example sentences: Bob Power stood up outside his entrenchment and peered at her. The entrenchment ratio is the ratio of the width of the flood-prone area to the surface width of the bankfull channel. Entrenchment as a noun means The process of entrenching or something which entrenches.. The subject is the entity "doing" the action of the sentence and the verb is the action that subject completes. entrenchment Plural: entrenchments Entrenchment Sentence Examples Within the entrenchment stood ten guns that were being fired through openings in the earthwork. Sentence example with the word 'sap' sap abate, countermine, dingdong, entrenchment, fosse, heart, mark, pigeon, scoop, subtilize, victim Definition n. a watery solution of sugars Last update: September 20, 2015. This page includes a list of suffixes and an interactive test. each with some words underlined. Entrenchment Sentence Examples Within the entrenchment stood ten guns that were being fired through openings in the earthwork. A double entendre is a phrase or figure of speech that could have two meanings or that could be understood in two different ways. more_vert. 36. for him, the city was Replete with memories.

. . Fix firmly or securely [] Impinge: impinge or infringe upon; "This impinges on my rights as an individual"; "This matter entrenches on other domains" [] Occupy a trench or secured area; "The troops dug in for the night" [] (entrenchment) an entrenched fortification; a position protected by trenches [] A trench is a type of excavation or depression in the ground. According to Dictionary, ethnicity is a noun that refers to a specific ethnic or social group with a distinctive, common language, religion, or culture. 10. by making use of characteristic curve of sampling . Advertisement. ; Behind or on the right bank of Elbe, it is mere intrenchment for five-and-twenty miles. Modern Entrenchingtools are usually collapsible and made using steel, aluminum, or other light metals. The battle completed the entrenchments of the race to the sea and inaugurated the static western front. Effects of repeated use of a construction (entrenchment) and of competing alternatives (preemption) have recently come under close scrutiny in language learning . Lists. What does entrenchment mean?

entrenchment used in a sentence