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Top Nightlife Venues. These two islands that are known as major tourist attractions calm down (a little) at the end of the summer season - and if you are lucky enough to visit them in . MoMix. Mykonos has the best nightlife in the Greek Cyclades, as well as stunning lively beaches, iconic whitewashed towns, and scenic vistas, making it an ideal travel destination for couples and young partygoers. Blending both past and future aesthetics, the design stays faithful to its Mykonian minimal roots.

The wild nightlife, epic beach parties, world . Our most popular combination in Greece!Visit Athens (steeped in mythology: Home of the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum); Mykonos is next (winding streets, fabulous nightlife and magnificent beaches) and lastly Santorini (featuring stunning sunsets and dramatic views). View all ferries to the Cyclades.

Mykonos is more gentle on the eye with its golden beaches, plus Little Venice in Mykonos Town with its striking windmills is a great place to wander any time of the day or night. Wild parties are common on a nightly basis. If Santorini is for honeymooners, this Greek party destination, in the same island cluster, is for party socialites lured by its major-league DJs and hulking superclubs pumping dance tracks until . Ferries from Mykonos to Santorini usually go four times a day, and the ride shouldn't last longer than three hours. Travel from Santorini all the way to the popular island of Mykonos on this 7 day, 6-night Greek experience.

If it's lively nightlife you are after the whole of Kolokotroni Street and Agias Irinis Square is where you find the best of Athens bar and club scene . mykonos nightlife Mykonos is world-famous for its frenzy nightlife and it is almost hard to keep up with the new clubs, bars and restaurants that open every year. . Mykonos is known for its nightlife, ranking high among the Greek party islands.Actually, it's considered one of the best party destinations in Europe, competing with Ibiza when it comes to clubbing and partying. Best for beaches - Definitely go to Mykonos. 1-Day tour in Paros to swim at crystal waters to relax ats sandy beaches, to walk among Parikia's streets that has traditional Greek architecture, where you have your dinner or a drink or buy local products and . It is the best well-known meeting point of the island - a venue where you can meet your friends or make new ones! Mykonos is geared more to a sophisticated party set with boutique hotels and pricier restaurants and . Mykonos for shopping, beaches, quieter off-season, and if you don't mind a lively nightlife, quieter bars can also be found along with potentially bumping into the rich and famous. Whereas Santorini's peak season is from May through to November, that of Mykonos tends to be shorter, typically from June through to October. Getting in one of the nightclubs or, at least, trying a cocktail in the many bars, must be added in your things to do list. Experience the Nightlife of Mykonos. 7 Queen of Mykonos - Mykonos Town. Adorned with white washed domed houses, perfectly painted blue houses, stunning ocean views, and faded stone streets, these islands are the definition of picturesque. Santorini Nightlife: Myths and Facts. Does Mykonos have good nightlife?

Mykonos Nightlife. Your Yoga retreat will be led by Sofia who will make sure you get an authentic and unforgettable Greek experience. Kira Thira. Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km (120 mi) southeast of Greece's mainland. - However, each one keeps a different and unique atmosphere. This tiny jewel of a town is a wonderfully twee tourist haven that positively hums with activity during the summer.

Mykonos has 2 ports, however, the majority of the ferries depart from the new port of Mykonos.Find out more about Mykonos' ports on our relevant blog post. 6 Astra - Mykonos Town. You can also see the latest prices for Mykonos to Santorini ferries below.

3 Cavo Paradiso - Paradise Beach. Kira Thira. Hit three major Greek hotspots on this ten-day tour.

Athens Santorini Mykonos are the most popular destinations in Greece for good reason. The best beach clubs in Santorini are: Tranquilo. People just like to celebrate life, so don . Day by Day breakdown of my Athens, Mykonos, Santorini Itinerary. Santorinifor natural beauty, sunsets, and romance, plus archaeological sites although Mykonos also has the nearby island of Delos. Mykonos has more of a nightlife presencebut it's described by frequent visitors as more "festive" verses a "party town".

On your vacation to Greece, connect to each location via a Ferry/Hydrofoil for the ultimate Greek experience. Cocktail bars at Little venice. Answer 1 of 18: Is there a particular night of the week that things are 'happening' in Mykonos? A place that promises to stimulate all your senses, that' s . I thought Mykonos was cute, but Santorini was breathtaking. Personally, I would go with Santorini over Mykonos, purely for the "wow" factor. Enigma. And for good reason! PK Cocktail Bar. Travel from Santorini all the way to the popular island of Mykonos on this 9 day, 8-night Greek experience. . This luxe Greek vacay starts in Santorini and ends in Mykonos. 4. . Book OnLine today!

Other two settlements feature beach bars accessing the promenade. These two islands are both beautiful, with some great beaches, restaurants and nightlife. Go to Mykonos for beaches and nightlife. @ 54 Club (Manto Square, Mykonos) Open daily from 20.30 to 5.00. MYKONOS & SANTORINI, GREECE. Here are some useful tips for your ferry trip from Mykonos to Santorini:. 7days/7nights yoga retreat in the magical blue and white dreamy Santorini and Mykonos in the Cycladic islands.

Mykonos is the top destination for the active nightlife and crazy throughout Greece: nightlife and fun, main ingredients, able to attract every year many young people from around the world. It's pretty involved each day so absolutely feel free to spread it out over more days if you have the time! Mykonos and Santorini each have their own virtues that make them beloved tourist destinations.

6 crossings weekly. Note: Timetables were accurate when they were published, but can change without notice. The truth is that Mykonos and Santorini are the most popular Greek islands that hardly ever miss from travelers' bucket lists. Day 1: See below for the Mykonos to Santorini timetable with all the ferries that go from Mykonos to Santorini. Their iconic landscapes and historic sites make them some of the most photographed places in the world. If you had to choose one, though, which one would it be? It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago, which bears the same name and is the remnant of a volcanic caldera. Mykonos and Santorini are among the most popular and beautiful islands not only in Greece but in the world. This luxe Greek vacay starts in Santorini and ends in Mykonos. Mykonos. We'd like to experience. 6. The sunset from Santorini has been deemed the best in the world.

Santorini is best known for its postcard-perfect sunsets over the village of Oia, while Mykonos is known for its famous . 5 Skandinavian Bar & Club - Mykonos Town.

Both have chic hotels, stylish bars, and wonderful views but for a quick-fire summary of the differences between the two please see below: Mykonos vs Santorini.

Santorini lacks the stunning beaches that Mykonos offers nor does it have the same level of nightlife but it's certainly the more romantic. Mykonos is closer to Athens, just a 2.5-hour ferry ride away. . everything we did was so.

In this article, we have compared Mykonos vs Other Greek islands including Naxos, Crete, Paros, Milos, Corfu, Athens, Zakynthos, and Kos.Mykonos is a very popular island in the Greek Cyclades. Bringing you the best of Greece. The Guzel Club is the place to know so many beautiful girls in Mykonos. And for good reason! It is, however, closer to Crete for travelers looking to combine the two. Best cocktails bars in Santorini: MoMix and Casablanca (both in Fira town) While Fira and Oia in Santorini certainly do have their share of cocktail bars, pubs, and clubs, Mykonos is the place to go if you are hoping to party until the sun comes up.

. Overlooking the sea, this is the best gay bar in Mykonos Town and a popular sunset-watching spot for everyone. Santorini isn't really famous for its nightlife in the same way that Corfu, Crete, Ios and Mykonos are. Fino Cocktail Bar. (at 16:00) From Mykonos at 14:45, in Santorini at 17:30. Best place to stay to enjoy the nightlife in Santorini: Fira. Main nightlife hubs are Fira, the capital of the island, Kamari and Perissa. early-to-mid 20s, which may or may not be your scene. People just like to celebrate life, so don . Santorini vs Mykonos. Enjoy the delicious Greek foods, get lost in the narrow whitewashed streets . Mykonos' nightlife seemed to veer towards the young, i.e. At 15:20 from Mykonos, at 18:10 in Santorini. The Mykonos beaches are far superior. If you choose to marry as well as spend your honeymoon in Santorini, you will get the storybook-type wedding of . Detailed Comparison: Mykonos is considered one the most gay friendly destinations in the world, with people arriving to the island since the 60's. That said, there are plenty of beach resorts on the southeast side of the island, in Perissa or Kamari, which cater for kids and adults. During the summer season, tourists gather in all kind of bars, taverns and clubs to have fun and dance the night (and day) away. Map Website Phone: +30 22890 23294. MYKONOS & SANTORINI, GREECE. The nightlife in Mykonos is well established with world renowned clubs and venues. . Mykonos Visit neighboring Islands Myconos is famous worldwide for luxurious vacations with upmarket hotels, restaurants and clubs, nice beaches and vivid nightlife. It's easy to visit both on the same trip. Day 1: Land in Athens, explore the city. The best nightlife and clubbing in Greece is found on Mykonos. The final cost may vary depending on available offers and discounts, ferry company and type of vessel. The Kardashians went to Santorini and Mykonos during their summer vacation in 2013. A 2 level venue that brings a new standard to Mykonos' nightlife. These two islands are both beautiful, with some great beaches, restaurants and nightlife. Mykonos' night life is famous all over the world, competing with Spain's Ibiza in attracting great DJs and performers. Mykonos has more of a nightlife presencebut it's described by frequent visitors as more "festive" verses a "party town". Whether you favor food and wine or want to burn off those calories by staying active, here's a guide to getting the most out of a trip to the islands. . Going at 12:45 from Mykonos, arrive at 16:30 in Santorini (Regular cheap ferry) Depart 13:45 and arrive in Santorini in 2 hours and 15 min. Hereunder you get in particular an in-depth 9 day possible travel itinerary on Santorini and Mykonos. Santorini and Mykonos are very similar islands, that's why we are comparing them! Naxos. This is one of the best-developed islands in Greece and receives a huge number of tourists every year.

Just like Mykonos is the queen of nightlife, Santorini is the queen of weddings and honeymoons. Nightlife: Santorini Island has a rich nightlife. RECOMMENDED WEBSITES FOR GREECE: is the website with the most available rooms and Private Villas in Athens, Santorini , Mykonos & Crete (more than Airbnb!). Santorini, meanwhile, is one of the farther Cyclades, with a minimum 4.5-hour ferry distance from Athens. Fino Cocktail Bar. There are actually over 200 islands in the Cyclades but the most well known of them all are Mykonos and Santorini.

mykonos or santorini nightlife